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Be A Net Control Operator


Montgomery County ARES encourages all amateurs to participate as net control operators for the Tuesday Training Nets. Performing the duties of net control for the Training Net provides amateurs the opportunity to learn and practice the skills required to run a net such as good radio procedures, managing the pace of the net, taking notes, asking for clarification on communications, etc. Practicing the duties of net control is a vital skill to support our served agencies during a time of need.


When we do have a pervasive county wide (or multiple county wide) need for communications support, we will likely need numerous net control operators to conduct multiple nets (e.g.  Check-in Net, Tactical Net, Resource net, Traffic Net, Information Net, Health and Welfare Net, etc.) as the specific circumstances  require.


Also, net control operators need to be relieved with fresh net control operators when the situation prolongs (Dayton Weather Nets often last 8+ hours several times a year).


Contact the Montgomery County ARES Net Manager (see link on ARES Staff page) to schedule your opportunity to practice the duties of Net Control Operator for the weekly Tuesday Training net.